Optocouplers MOC304 dimming control circuit diagram

Dimming control circuit as shown in FIG. Single-chip I/O port sinking method to achieve control thyristor switch and dimming control. MOC3041 optocoupler with internal zero-cro
Optocouplers MOC304 dimming control circuit diagram - schematic

ssing detection circuit as thyristor drives and to achieve strong, weak isolation. Traditional methods are used dimming phase trigger thyristor, thyristor conduction angle control to control the output power, not only synchronous detection circuit is complicated, but also in the thyristor instantly generate high harmonic interference, causing the grid voltage waveform distortion, influence normal operation of other electrical equipment and communications systems, this system uses zero trigger thyristor with turn-off time ratio to adjust the lamp power, due to the zero trigger voltage waveform does not change but only by changing the voltage of the full wave times, will not pollute the power grid, therefore, the system uses zero trigger mode. MOC3041 contains an internal zero-crossing detection circuit, when the current output of 15mA input pin input 6-pin, 4-pin voltage between a little over zero, the internal bidirectional thyristor, thyristor external trigger, when MOC3041 input pin input current is zero, the internal bidirectional thyristor is turned off, and thus also the external thyristor is turned off.

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