ADSL Splitter Adapter

Posted on Feb 23, 2013

This really isn't much an electronics project as it is a telephone wiring project. Take note that this proejct involves connections to telephone lines. This may be frowned upon by your telephone service provider, AKA The Telephone Company. Always use proper telephone components for the area in which you live. It is your responsiblity to understand local laws with respect to your projects. Just because you see it on the web, doesn't mean its ok to do it where you live. The ADSL Splitter Sharing Adapter in use. The ADSL modem plugs into the ADSL splitter as normal. A jack is provided on the adapter for a telephone, and the telephone connection is also fed back to the telephone wiring within the house, so a telephone can be plugged into any telephone jack without the need for an additional adapter.

ADSL Splitter Adapter
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

This makes more sense to me than using a separate adapter on each telephone outlet. This way, nobody has to remember to plug in an ADSL splitter when they plug in a telephone, or move a telephone from one room to another. As with many homes, there are two pair of telephone lines that run though a common cable and connect to telephone jacks throughout the house I live in. The problem with ADSL, at least with the True and TOT ADSL lines I've had in Thailand, is that if a telephone is connected directly across line, the ADSL data connection becomes unreliable, so it is necessary to use the splitter that came with the modems. When I had a TOT line with ADSL installed in a house with telephone jacks throughout the house, the installer said that I would have to use an ADSL splitter on each telephone. Ok, I will. But rather than using a splitter for each telephone, I took advantage of the fact that the house was wired for two telephone lines and have one splitter shared among all the telephone jacks in the house. The telephone jacks are wired for two lines, designated line one and line two. Single line telephones are designed to connect to line one, as defined pins on their RJ-11 connector they use. The ADSL Splitter Sharing Adapter takes the "raw" telephone line in on line two, and puts the split off telephone signal onto line one. The modem plugs into the splitter as normal, which means that the ADSL Splitter Sharing...

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