Ultrasonic remote control dimmer light circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

Remote control dimmer lights consist of two parts ultrasonic transmitter and ultrasonic remote control dimmer receiver components,

Ultrasonic remote control dimmer light circuit
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ultrasonic wave transmitter circuit, see A 229 (a). Non-fj l, and R, R., RP1 and C. Composition White clamor excited multivibrator, generates the oscillation signal 40kliz. By NAND gate s shaping , and then by three parallel NAND gates scaled directly driving the ultrasonic transmitter transducer B1 to Li nosebleed acoustic radiation. A light emitting diode IF: D with transmitters to refer months i work state, when press F hair shot button SB I31 namely stroke emission 40kjIz ultrasound, when "Division I, ED lit light indication. Si light receiving ultrasonic remote control din circuit shown in Figure 229 (b), the main circuit is received by the ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic crossing signal release composition, decoder, dimming IC and other components. B2 and Bl foot supporting ultrasonic receiving transducer, it receives iUkHz ultrasound from the emitter signal is about to convert it into a corresponding electrical signal. Ultrasound // 1 / amplifier A2 by the CMOS digital integrated circuits (CD1069) composed of NAND gates in series and will only be through R. That constitutes a linear amplifier bias-cho, a total gain of more than 60dB. Ultrasonic transducer 13 Star piezoelectric ceramic element substantially higher output impedance, so using CM () S amplifier can be a good match with their catch, so that the circuit has high reception sensitivity. A3 for the phase-locked loop audio decoder (LMS67), when the frequency of the input signal is feet just fall its center frequency, A3 of the first logic output that is caused by mutations feet high on low, quite to output a negative pulse, added to by R a Si optical integrated circuits A4 (NH7232) That is the end of the first Sl ~~ feet, Al trigger as to complete the "+ f", "off" or stripped lamp operation. A3 center frequency by RI, 2 and (i decision value, i.e.,: . F = L, (1 1RP2C :), the whole inner room RP2 m values that the center frequency only good butoxy 10kHz: .4 first pin SFN is low effective trigger level phase shift control input when the trigger signal is within 0 3s, to be completed by "open" and "curse" lamp operation. If the low time pin output A3 of the big 0 3s. can be realized stepless split light operation, VTH thyristor conduction angle will be adjusted in 41-159 'of when the conduction angle is 49. when, Gui E borers dark; ilfi angle is 159. Gan, the brightest of the lights. Foreign withdraw only two circuit terminals, heir where it can be directly substituted verbale called switch, which was transformed into the remote Ba j dagger Chan. A1, A2 can be employed (:. D4069 6 inverter type in the number of integrated circuit receiving Ning vessel, A2 actual use on only three of them intact inverter, the other three do not have non-f J should be grounded at all input processing, which do not float, so as to avoid interference .A4 to ten NH773 2 type CS7232 or touch dimmer integrated path .Bi, H2 respectively supporting TCT40 12F TCT40 12S2 and piezoelectric ceramic ultrasonic transducers. other component parameters Figure, no special requirements spider.

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