Atari 2600 CE

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Since we will be opening your VCS and attacking it with a very hot soldering iron, it is possible that you will render your system dead. Neither I, Classicgaming, nor Gamespy are responsible for any damage done to yourself, your Atari, your family, your pets, your house, your neighborhod, or your precious Faberge egg collection that results either

Atari 2600 CE
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directly or indirectly from you even reading these instructions, let alone attempting the modification described. Take six lengths of wire (give yourself plenty of wire, you can always cut them down), and solder them to the following pins on the Stella Chip: 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, and 12. For all 2600 units, the Stella chip is basically in the same spot. Look for the big 3 chips, two of them are 40 pin DIPs and the center one is a 28 pin DIP (Dual Inline Pin). The Smaller, center chip is the 6502 CPU, the chip closest to the cartridge connector is the RIOT (most of the cartridge pins are connected to the RIOT, so it makes senese for them to be close). and the big chip farthest from the cartridge connector is the Stella. Also notice that when you are looking at the underside of the board, one of the pins will be soldered to a square pad - that is always pin 1, and the other pins count away from it. If in doubt, use the exposed metal that the RF shields were attached to, or solder directly to those areas (make sure that you can still put the shields back on) The potentiometers (pots) have 3 pins, we only need two; there are two pins along the "flat" side - they do the same thing, we only need to connect one of them, and the single pin centered on the "curved" side. Connect the wires from Stella 5 and 8 to the flat side of a pot, one wire per pot (it`s best to put the wire throuhg a hole next to the pot and solder them together...

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