120W power amplifier circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Amplifier circuit of this paper is to introduce a floating power supply, the purpose is to increase the output power, the amplifier output power with only the final stage ampli

120W power amplifier circuit
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fier supply voltage and casts about. Its principle is shown 2--116 shown. Iclt) as a pre-stage, ICla composition as the input voltage follower circuit, the purpose is to increase the input impedance, and to facilitate a variety of sources are connected. Its voltage gain of 1, is conducive to stable operation of the circuit o circuit input is suspended, the power stage, IClb inverting input voltage follower Icl group also be suspended. This circuit is equivalent to the whole big closed loop of all-trans -fed, or that the whole closed loop of l, which makes the circuit very stable and, in any case does not appear self-excited. Closed loop feedback in turn means that the whole machine high open loop gain, the open loop gain of the unit up to lOOdB above. Therefore, even if the final stage amplifier tube mismatch, it also minimal distortion oIClb noninverting terminal of the capacitor C4 is introduced to broaden the high frequency band, so that it reaches 60kHZo where ~ R6, C6, C7 op amp IClb floating power loop, vTl, VT2 and R7 ~ Rio and RPi, touch 2 group into the output stage bias circuit, f t ~ f Kui form the output pipe gate protection circuit.

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