Free energy generating coil

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The disk magnets are in attraction on each end of the power coil. The coil is pulse charged, forcing the permenent magnet field to push away from the center of the coil. When the electromagntic field collapses in the coil, the permanent field reforms in the coil and generates a charge without any moving magnets. The charge circuit and the output circuit are isolated

Free energy generating coil
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by an industrial DPDT Reed Switch. I tried pulsing the coil without the magnets and got nothing, so it`s definitly not BEMF. Inside 1 to inside 3. Inside 2 to inside 4. Same on the outside. Output from the two junctions on the outside. You found all the wrong ways to wire it. Pay attention to what you`re reading. The Joule Theif or Tesla hi-voltage bifilar wrap has 2 wires and 4 ends: 2 inside, 2 outside with the start of the outside attached to the end of the inside. The 4 wire intercom coil has 4 wires and 8 ends. 4 wires inside and 4 wires outside. Now if you go start to end twice and then attach two of those ends together in series, the coil drops dead. The Cook schematic shows 2 parallel loops in series! This way, one coil loop will act as a trigger coil and the other coil loop a power coil in a Bedini circuit. Any bifilar Joule Thief Ferrite Toroid, or air core spool, will generate a spontaneous charge with a capacitor and fast switching diode in series attached to the open leads. The 4 wire coil needs to be 2 parallel loop coils in series through the capacitor and diode. This amounts to a very big difference! I`m sorry if I confused anyone. Try it on an air core bifilar spool of thin magnet wire around 30 gauge wired start to end Joule Thief style. Place a diametric cylinder or tube that fits snugly in the core. Make sure the fast switching diode is functioning correctly and not burned out. I got this charging...

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