Power Mixer circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Commonly used in industrial and mining enterprises power mixer, mixing materials because often smell or dust, the operator should not be too close to the contact. Light control

Power Mixer circuit diagram
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power mixer (or other appliances) circuit, an ordinary flashlight light for remote command within 10m from the mixer to control the work shown. The entire circuit can be loaded plastic box, place is easy to use in the field.Component selection: IC selected AN7812 three-terminal regulator IC. VT1 ~ VT3 9014 selection transistor. RL1 and RL2 selection MG44-03 photoresistor plastic resin package can also be used other light resistance 5k, dark resistance of common photoresistor instead of 1M. VD2, VD3 general light emitting diode. T is the power 8W ~ 10W power transformer. Other components chosen as shown in Fig.

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