Double transistor low noise of the preamplifier measured by high

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Bong ordinary differential amplifier circuit and the difference circuit is that it has made a voltage-current conversion circuit rPl constituted with R. And Rl o of the OP ampl

Double transistor low noise of the preamplifier measured by high
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ifier includes a voltage dividing, and then convert it into current feedback. Voltage gain of the circuit can be A! Type Health + VRi) (1, a Rioj R.) --- Rs calculated. If quad + v crown. About cricket oQ, according ugly s 33 2 ~ µ3kC!. 4 magnification may be in the range of l-l000 of the. Because the two-transistor Fr guard base connected - mine death o, they were neat sodium 3. 9V two pipe confidence vote, so that the common-mode input voltage is reduced, then the generic OP amplifier characteristics can not be used, should be noted o VRs differential amplifier transistor collector drop resistance Ri and Rz series for offset adjustment. If there is enough after the circuit zero drift, you can not VRZo in a multistage amplifier circuit to reduce the magnification if, it would have a vibration. End, and therefore need to add a phase compensation circuit (mouth, and,.), Component parameters from the minimum gain decision stingy

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