High-quality low-noise preamplifier

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circuit shown in Figure 3-8. Input signal through a low pass filter to the input of the differential amplifier FET former composition are evaluated once preamplifier output of

High-quality low-noise preamplifier
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the differential amplifier are input operational amplifier din-inverting input and an inverting input terminal. Since the input terminal of the operational amplifier is a differential circuit, the signal output from the differential circuit field effect transistor, the op amp input after at least has had a differential amplifier. RIAA phono equalization circuit o the R7, people and C6, C7, etc differential input FET can be used 3DJ4F or other low-noise high-quality FET, IDSS 2mA, press IDSS paired t error 3%. Op amp can be used TL0 72, TU082 or other high-performance op amp NE5532. Selected resistance metal film resistors, Class I accuracy. The amount of capacitance with highly capacitive coupling capacitors should be polyester capacitors. Power supply with positive negative symmetrical power supply.

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