30W amplifier circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

The circuit is the use of FET amplifier circuit for output. NE5532 op amp using 15V power supply, pushing its output FET output stage after stage voltage amplification. Voltage output stage bias circuit of the input from the pre-stage of 15V, after VT3, VT4

30W amplifier circuit
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voltage bias circuit to supply. Positive and negative voltage regulator VT3, VT4 uses two LED as a voltage reference, LED not only has good electrical voltage characteristics, and can be used as an indication of the operation of the circuit using this power supply circuit o become not only the excellent performance of constant voltage bias circuit, and it will serve as a pre-stage of the constant current source load, increase the gain of the output stage. Vn, VTz composed of push-pull output stage driven, it is also a common emitter circuit having a voltage amplification capabilities. Vr7, VTs composition overload protection circuit output tube. ICIb (lf / NE5532) composed 0:00 servo circuit. R23.C4 composition and a negative feedback circuit. VMOS on the tube output stage using 2SJ115 and 2SK405 0 can also be used IRF9130 and IRF130, parameters: transconductance 4, pressure loOvPCM = 75W, Iau = 9A. When debugging, measuring the voltage drop across the resistor is 0.22fl to 40 ~ 50mV.

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