Vented 2a3p 2a3pp-15w Tube Amplifier circuit diagram

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Elliot vented 2A3PP line, is also very simple, the key is the quality of the output of cattle. Use 3KPP output cattle, fixed bias (a 62V), output power 15W. 2A3PP suited for th

Vented 2a3p 2a3pp-15w Tube Amplifier circuit diagram
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e promotion of the sensitivity of 88dB or more speakers, electrical components or select a single Western Extension, Sibi electrolytic capacitors, AB carbon resistor, is still the star grounded. Power connection, after rectification of the first stage with a capacitance of 1O Sibi oil capacitors, the capacitors used in the tube rectifier circuit effect is significant, can protect the rectifier guts, but also to ensure sound. Welding installation weld pressure and also the first filament loop and then welded the signal path on the line. Check whether the normal operating point at all levels, the ground levels are correct, and finally connect Bu 2A3SE pre-GP18, audition this time with a KEF 1O5 sE-RIES-2 monitors. Tsai is also broadcast old songs and other tracks, but it is completely different feel: the sound field through the wall through the three-dimensional wall not heard before, even KEF that a 1O5 notoriously difficult to control bass are tame ease, and rhythmic unambiguously. Like force of the sound field is very beautiful, broadcast Tony Nine actually have enough control, people can not believe it is a 15w after the 2A3 level in promoting a 1O5 KEF speakers, you know a lot of people with a 200W stone push it machines well, 2A3PP really worth a good DIY machine!

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