A control circuit automatic irrigation

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Automatic irrigation control circuit can automatically crop irrigation according to the size of soil moisture. It can be widely used in state farms, orchards, Schomburg materia

A control circuit automatic irrigation
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ls vegetable greenhouses, greenhouse cultivation and sprinkler vast farmland. (1) circuit automatic irrigation controller circuit consists of soil moisture sensor, Schmitt trigger, monostable, LED was shown circuit and control the implementation of circuit, as shown in Figure 8-2. Schmitt trigger consists of four NAND gate integrated circuit 1C1-1C2 and resistor Ri, Rz, capacitors Cl, c2, potentiometer RP1 composition. One-shot by IC3 ~ lC4, wind resistance, R4, potentiometers RP2 and capacitance G components. LED display circuit consists of transistors VT3, light-emitting diodes LED1, LED2 and resistor Rs ~ R7 composition. Control the implementation of circuit by the resistors Ra, transistor VTI,, relay K and diode. f) components., (2) the circuit works at a suitable soil moisture, humidity sensor electrically Phoenix value between the two smaller probes, input ici showed a low potential, Schmitt trigger can not be triggered. At this point IC4 output high, the VT1 and VT2 end. K does not pull station, pump motor M does not work t LED2 does not emit light; while VT3 conduction, LED1 is lit, the suitable soil moisture. When the soil is dry to a certain extent. Humidity sensor resistance value between the two probes rises to a predetermined value, the Schmitt trigger triggered while flipping through G provide a negative jump pulse single-shot, the single-shot flip, IC4 output low, so VT3 deadline, LED1 off; VT1 and VT2 conduction, K pull, the pump power work, start irrigation, while LED2 lit; indicates pump electric motive normal operation. R1 is used to control soil moisture, adjust the resistance can be determined according to the timing of irrigation J soil moisture. Adjust the resistance of RP2, can irrigate the length of time to adjust.

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