Automatic sprinkler control circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Automatic sprinkler control circuit It shows automatic sprinkler control circuit. The circuit mainly by the humidity sensor, a detection signal amplifying circuit (transistor V

Automatic sprinkler control circuit
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T1,, RR2, VT3), the power supply circuit (filter capacitor C2, the bridge conditioning circuit UR, the transformer T), and the like of the DC motor M. In the circuit, a humidity sensor for detecting moisture in the soil, the DC motor M for driving irrigation equipment operation. After working for some time irrigation equipment, soil moisture for crop growth conditions to achieve at this time embodied in the humidity sensor circuit resistance value is small, this time VT1 conduction, and to provide operating voltage VT2 base. VT2 are turned on. vr2 after conducting direct VT3 base and emitter short-circuited, VT3 end, so that the relay coil Kl-l de-energized, and drive its normally open contact Kl-2 recovery normally open state, the DC motor power to stop jobs. Sprinkler irrigation equipment stops. When soil moisture dries, moisture transfer resistance between Bo value increases, resulting VT1 base potential is low, this time off VT1, VT2 off, VT3 base provided by the current conduction, the relay coil Kl -l was electric pull and drive normally open contact Kl 2 is closed, the DC motor power and start working.

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