5.3W Amplifier With Surround System

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The AN7147 Dual 5. 3-watt Audio Power Amplifier from Panasonic is listed as a replacement type` so hopefully will be around for some time to come. Together with some extra components, it can represent a simple surround-sound system requiring no opamps or a negative voltage supply. As shown by the circuit diagram the basic stereo amplifier is change

5.3W Amplifier With Surround System
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d into a surround-sound system by a trick called adding feedback from the opposite channel`. When surround sound is required, the negative feedback signals supplied by C13-R3 and C12-R4 are fed to the inputs of the other` amplifier. The resulting phase difference causes the surround effect. If surround sound is not required, the effect can be disabled by pressing push-button S1. This causes the bistable built around IC2. A and IC2. B to toggle and drive transistors T1 and T2 such that the above mentioned negative feedback signals are effectively shunted to ground. A high-efficiency LED and a 3. 3-k series resistor (R14) should be used to make sure the maximum output current of the CMOS 4001 device is not exceeded. The amplifier should not be loaded with impedance`s smaller than 3. The AN7147 will typically supply up to 4. 3 watts into 4 . The SIL-12 case needs to be cooled wit a small heatsink of about 6 K/W or better. The quiescent current is modest at just 19 mA.

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