Automatic toilet flushing circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Automatic toilet flusher is restructuring in the sitting so that the basis of the ordinary, the automatic flush after use once, simple and reliable. When not in power source co

Automatic toilet flushing circuit
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mpletely disconnected, with energy-saving, easy to use, long life chip advantage. (1) circuit automatic flush toilet circuit from the power circuit, monostable solenoid valve and control circuit, as shown 1-47 Fig. Power circuit consists of step-down capacitor C1, rectifier diode VD1, Zener diode and capacitor C2 vs other components. (2) the work process open toilet lid, the switch S is turned on, AC 220V voltage by cI Buck, VD1 rectifier, vs regulator and G after filtering, to provide the power supply circuit.. . : Monostable circuit from when base integrated circuit lc and relevant peripheral components. foot trigger terminal 1C initial voltage by Rz, R3 partial pressure is higher than after Vcc/3, lC the pin output low, the single-shot in the steady state, the relay K is not action, large-capacity capacitor is charged 0 full power. After use, when the toilet lid cover, switch S off, the circuit power outages, due to the isolation of VD2 charge cz Rz on the quickly let go and Po. lC of pin goes low is triggered. In this case the bulk capacitor G is the IC supply through diode VD3, one-shot circuit is triggered transient backward people, ICs pin goes high, the relay K leisure together. After K closed self-locking, so that the circuit to restore power supply, K closed connected to electric solenoid valve Y, start flushing. Meanwhile, the power supply via a resistor horse C3 charging, when charging so C3 rises to the potential of pin IC 2Vcc/3 resistance, temporary end state, lC of foot turned back low, the relay K release, K OFF, the The entire circuit power, flush ends. Used in the circuit of the thyristor VTH G discharge, ensure that only flush once. When the IC foot just flip from low to high, VTH is triggered conduction, the G discharge voltage drops 2 ~ 3V. If set G discharge circuit, the lC after the transient, the relay K release put, K suddenly disconnected the circuit energized, ICs feet and jump into a low, G by VD3 supplies power to lC, single steady circuit again and again by the trigger, and pull the relay K, and so forth cycle.

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