A DC motor reverse brake circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

FIG circuit 3-200 (a) in Fig. When the reverse brake, forward contacts open contacts KMi, reverse brake contactor KM3 contact is disconnected, reverse contactor KM2 contacts ar

A DC motor reverse brake circuit
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e closed. Tuning reverse relay KA line shown in Figure 3-200 (h). By reverse relay KA, when the reverse brake open when beginning to reverse braking resistor Rf access armature circuit; and when the brake to the motor speed approaches zero, the reverse braking resistor temple shorted. A connection point KA relay coil by R: resistance value is determined. A point should be the total resistance (Rq ten Rf) at half. KA relay pickup voltage setting in general (0. 4 ~ 0. 45) Ue.

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