Electric valve motor control circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Electric valve control circuit consists of the following three parts: main lines, control lines, and power consumption brake line aa. The main circuit includes a power switch v

Electric valve motor control circuit
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iews. QF, three-phase AC contactor KM1, KM2 main contact, thermal relay FR element of clarity and three-phase AC motor and so on. The control circuit includes a control button SB1-SB5, AC contactor KMl-KM3 line BH and their auxiliary contacts, power transformer Tl, T2, the signal indicating lamp HL1-HIA, flash switch Sl, S2, state selector switch SA1, SA2 and a position switch sQl, SQ2 like. Fixed line Pina energy package includes a bridge rectifier uc, limiting potentiometer RP, the energy storage capacitor C and AC contactor KM3 main contact and the like. Electric valve motor control circuit shown in Figure 4-35. When the line is in hot standby, you can choose SA1, SA2 switch position to determine the main lines of controlled or uncontrolled. When SA1 (SA2) located on the left when, KMl (KM2) coil exit. When running t SAl (SAZ) on the right when, KMl (KM2) coil put into operation, when the SA1 (SA2) on the left, the signal lamp is lit, the operator or maintenance personnel can use this file to check the control circuit is obtained l when the electric SA1 (Xu address) on the right, the signal light is off, only after the motor starter valve, signal lights HL1, H12 (HL3:., HIA) will flashing light. Close the power switch QF, the selector switch SA1 is placed to the right, press the SB1 (or SB2), a current flows through Vll SBl (or SB2) a KM2 contacts (2-3) a KM1 coil --s02-- SAl - FR contact (7-9) --KM3 contacts (9-10) a SB5 a Wll. KM1 coil is energized from operation and magnesium, the valve motor is rotated to open the valve. In the KM1 after contact (5-6) is turned on, the flash switch sl work, red light green light HL1 and HL2 used as a flash indication. When the valve is opened to limit position, SQ2 off, KM1 coil power failure, the main contact reset valve Rongji electric power is turned off, the valve motor to stop working. The selector switch SA2 placed to the right, press the SB3 (or SB4), according to the current shake through Vll a SB3 (~ aSB4) - * KMl contact (13-14) --- KM2 coil -, - SQl- * SAZ a FR contact (7-9) a KM3 contact (9-10) -SB5 a Wll, KM2 coil is energized from the merger chain f kitchen door motor is rotated to close the valve. After KM2 contacts (12-15) is turned on, the flash switch S2 work, HL3 red and green flashing fflA for instructions. When the valve is closed to the limit position, the position switch sQl off. KM2 coil power failure, the main contact is reset, the valve motor power supply is turned off. If the valve is opened from the group process, press the stop button when the barrier can SB5, its being broken off contact so that KM1 or KM2 coil power loss curve release, motor lost power. Simultaneously. SB5 moving together contacts (19-W11) is closed. KM3 coil is energized, the contact (9-10) off - to prevent malfunction KM1 or KM2, KM3 main contact is closed, and the output capacitor energy storage, while the role of a bridge rectifier to the motor windings, brake torque, the motor stops instantaneously. Thus, you can make the same door as required to stop accurately to the specified location. Figure 4-35 potentiometer RP from limiting the role of RP can be obtained by adjusting the braking current, braking current consumption usually take 4.5A. Figure 4-35 electrolytic capacitor in accordance with the valve roar motive power selection, if the valve motor power 2kW or less, the choice of lOO-ZOOlJLF electrical receptacle;. If the valve motor power between Z ~ 5 5kW, can selection of 400t, F about capacitance. Capacitor voltage of 600V or more.

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