A small generator and network control circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circle i {JA, C two-phase grid connection line. a. c technology turbine shed two lines. A, a voltage between Ri by Buck, convex - Diu chain flow. R., R3. wl dividing aftercrop

A small generator and network control circuit
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sampled level lK, C. Voltages c ask the same. We know that the three-phase alternating current generator set voltage, frequency, phase sequence must be the same grid to grid, if Aa. CclbJ voltage zero crossing, then the well pattern oval foot, l asked longer the ugly zero crossing, said the frequency of the grid voltage frequency voltage generator sets out closer, the more this town by the clock network. Aa branch voltage sampled evacuation C251 (2) feet, and its (3) pin voltage is compared, (3) pin reference voltage is 0.6V. When (2) high-voltage pin F 0.6V. (i) pin output -12v, C2 through Ds, D4 rapid discharge. BGi. 8G2 cut i1.. : When (2) pin voltage is lower than 0.6V, (1) pin + J2V. Cc branch works with Aa branch with the same. When C251 (I) of the foot and (7) feet while high I2V, the power the wind,% c for charging, delay delayed after a certain time. BGi, BG: conduction, J action, the AC contactor units, just to complete the work well, with the lighting issue when LEDi Well claws.. Delay action means that the sampling circuit voltage is too Bong Lang zero duration to meet the requirements. If the sampled voltage is instantaneous asked double zero or zero-crossing duration is very short. Review just called to say conditions are not met. Cz electric charge a small amount and then immediately discharge, BGi not be turned on, and therefore can not network. Tone bamboo W2 make J a one second delay action to 0.5. FIG towel CI make Hj is anti Jt sampled voltage over zero when Q is too short circuit malfunction. (Jia-wen)

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