Dual timing circuit thyristor control table

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Electronic Table (1) Introduction This schematic circuit having two alarm output by the timer by thyristor controlled. Can any on/off, and shut down after the power supply from

Dual timing circuit thyristor control table
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the transformer primary (side) power, no Depletion, safety, energy-saving, high reliability. Press the SB1 use, the power supply via T, f) 1, CI buck, rectifier filter obtained 6V DC. In this case power supply through a normally closed contact K-3 makes Kl work, normally open contacts Kl-l closed electric road self-locking. At this point after the release SB1 circuit due to self-locking and in working condition, when the timing for the start of the audio signal from the A, B input ends, the VD3, C3 triggered thyristor rectifier filter VIH1, electrical work so K2, K2 often open contact K-2 is closed. W socket is energized, the controlled appliances are turned on. Similarly, when the timing off the audio signal of another branch Alarm clocks from C, D enters through VD5, after G rectifier trigger electrical work fH2t K3, K3 normally closed contact K-3 release disconnect, Kl loss of power, so that the normally open contacts Kl Kl release also disconnected, the entire circuit to stop working. Ri was eye resistor, C2 to Kl start capacitor, VD2, VD4, VD6 as protection diodes. (2) Component parameters 12V transformer T with a small output current is greater than Kl, K2, K3 sum of the operating current. KJ, K2, K3 available 6V small single-pole relay. K2 contact current can be controlled by electrical power. Thyristor tens mA to use. Choice of components shown in Fig. 335, no special to the ball. (3) Dual timer circuit thyristor control table shown in Figure 3-35.

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