Tip a battery discharge control circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

By R. RP, DW, f TV over the composition of the discharge control circuit: B, consisting of n Island and over-discharge circuit prompted the stage Ji pod K. Gracilaria battery v

Tip a battery discharge control circuit
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oltage by R., RP partial pressure breakdown DW flE f saturated conduction, following electrical JI. For. J. 3 normally open contact connected, the green LED light. Load electrical work. When the battery voltage drop Artemisia born when the original is not given JO ~ 10.5V, R. Levant P partial pressure of not breakdown DW. R can not make saturation of Sociology pass, stop relay J T ashamed I. 2 NC contact connected, green L drama) i,; V, fried stop IE work load, Qiang battery voltage through Ci Yan of charge (Q charge time is determined by x date .G). So Ti, t Bu discontinuous conduction. Red color I, FD twinkling prompt sheet] households, this time by L battery voltage, battery charging Ding Pei should avoid Qiang battery damage due to address discharge.

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