Lantern making use of a relay control circuit

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

220V mains electricity sent through 0.33 u F (Ci). ] 50kn ohmic drop Sui, Di - D4 bridge circuit composed of rectifier. After 100 u F capacitor filter technology,: [born about

Lantern making use of a relay control circuit
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2V (iiIU source control circuit skewer beginning Ding ashamed towels, electricity on rG. When the pressure began to ov, save n, Tz off, no suction units, not bright lights In this case the power supply by iOk n electrical resistance, Ri, often just contact charging C2 .Q dagger electronic music rises to a certain extent, the mantle Taiwan, point lights are bright. At this time, normally closed contact off open, normally open contact conduction .c through 4.7k fl resistor, R, discharge and after a predetermined time after .J release L2, lights off .c1 photoelectric again, after a period of time after tI. a., i died station, colored lights, pocket. such a process may go bite cycle F,

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