Flyback Transformer Drivers

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This is an efficient flyback driver for modern cylindrical rectified television flybacks. Many sites doesn`t provide circuits driving these transformers, they simply say that they are bad. I don`t agree. In fact I built this circuit. I spent a lot of time for finding resonant frequency (around 15Khz) and duty cycle. These transformers best work at

Flyback Transformer Drivers
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

around 90% duty cycle. You may notice corona breakdown at terminals and pfffff sound (as well as the ozone smell) when adjusting the off time trimmer to near 500-300 ohms. Of course it will work for other tipes of flyback as frequency and duty cycle have a large range. Frequency range can be increased using multiposition switch for other values of C3 capacitor, for example 2 nF for 80KHz-200000KHz, but didn`t found flybacks with so high resonant frequencies, in addition with higher values of c3, eg 200nF, 2uF the frequency will drop making possible the use of ignition coils, and rectified power transformers @50Hz to charge high voltage electrolitic caps at 300-400V). Unfortunately my ignition coil died because insulation breakdown (too long drawn arcs). The 555 is wired as an astable and the capacitor is charged only through the 4, 7Kohm trimmer (notice the diode) and discharged only through the 2. 2 Kohm trimmer, making the duty cycle full adjustable. The square wave is then feed in a totem pole made up of a 2N3904 and a 2N3906, which are cheap, and easy to find. The totem pole ensures the gate being charged and discharged very fast (approx 50nS i think). The IRF840 is a cheap (i found it for 4euros) reliable and powerful power mosfet, it has current capability of 8 A continuous and 32A pulse, 800V drain source voltage, protecting internal zener diode. There is a snubbing network to ensure that voltage spikes are kept low...

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