A simple remote control switch circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Book mediated clam meaning of ML. 4423 © with integrated controller ii Liu t-phase and single-phase/two-phase AC induction motor built Organisation pretty machine control facil

A simple remote control switch circuit
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ities. M1,4423 LtlPWM cattle production, PWM controllers, the speed controller. Two sinusoidal crossing generator output short circuit protection and mountain driving. Limiting circuit. Guanidine fire protection circuit, 8V reference power supply circuit and the like. Internal structure diagram indiscriminately as I 67 (a) below.. chip pin functions: 1) foot (SENSE ] for the differential input .y:} Distorted foot (2) is connected to electrical machines AC coil voltage feedback pin (2) (SENSEc/Yes. C motor coil voltage feedback input. pins (3) (SENSEB) of the differential input, the foot (2) is connected to the motor winding for voltage feedback between BC. foot (4) (VMIN) is the amplitude of the sine wave control voltage input terminal for low speed when adjusting the minimum amplitude sine wave. foot (5) (VSPEED) is SINEA and SINEB sinusoidal frequency and amplitude control terminal (voltage-controlled). foot (6) (RSPEED) sine wave output current control terminal. sine current wave generator is proportional to the voltage pin. pin (7) (VREF) is 8V reference voltage output. feet (8) (RREF) setting resistor. feet (9) (RDT) for the output stage PWM frequency is dead time is set to prevent cross-conduction power tube (9 feet to a external resistor to achieve, the external resistor is 166kn, the dead zone time is 2 microseconds). foot (10) (SINEA) AC motor winding sine wave detection voltage output pin (11) (SINEB) is the output of the motor winding BC sinusoidal voltage detection. feet (12) (C o) received sine wave frequency setting capacitance pin (13) (CPWM) connected PWM wave frequency setting given capacitor, the capacitor is connected with the end (8) pin RREF common with set PWM wave frequency. foot (14) (COAST) is a logic input, active low shutdown all the output transistor transistor. foot f 5) (F/R) is the phase sequence control terminal when the terminal is high, a phase leads B phase;. humorous side is low. level, a phase lags phase B pin (16) (ISENSE) is the motor current detection input end, the terminal voltage of o.5v began limiting. foot (17) (GND) as common ground. feet (18) (3PH/2PH) is a three-phase/two-phase work to select the setting end, when the float three-phase motor drive, drive two-phase motor. foot (19), when connected to Vcc (20), (21) (LB, LC, LA) is the low-end B, C, a-phase drive output. feet (22 ), (23), (24) (HB, HC, HA) are B, C, high drive output a phase. foot (25) for the SV/12V output driver selects the terminal, when the floating driver output 5v voltage, then when the driver output voltage of 12V Vcc. foot (26) (Vcc) is a power supply voltage lead-in terminal (+ 12V). (27), (28) feet (CGM, CGM2) connecting the feedback loop that set the poles capacitor. MLA43 basic application circuits. 1- 67 (b) as shown in the velocity output signal is applied, as shown in the chip inside the crossing of two sinusoidal amplitude and frequency changes, the motor winding signal through the motor coil, the pin (1) - foot (3) feedback to MLA423, chips PWM sine wave output signal to drive an external power pole, so that the anti- fed output voltage with an internal reference sine wave voltage to adapt, achieve the purpose of control. Figure 1 - 67 (c) to ML4423 constitute the core of a complete three-phase motor controller schematic.

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