Mcu Reset And Oscillator Circuits Applicationnote

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Introduction The MIC2290 is an internally compensated standard step- up Switching Regulator with an integrated power Switch and Schottky Diode The attribute of an internal power Switch and Schottky Diode makes the MIC2290 the most optimized solution for 48V Avalanche Photo Diode (APD) applications. In addition to the critical integrated components

Mcu Reset And Oscillator Circuits Applicationnote
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, the MIC2290 CAN be used with 0603 size chip inductors when configured for 48V APD applications. The physically small inductor size comprised with the MIC2290 capabilities produces a very space optimized design. Theory of Operation Understanding how the MIC2290 APD application circuit works is similar to how a standard Step-up switching Regulator works. The same analytical methods CAN be employed when modeling the behavior of the APD application circuit. The simplified MIC2290 APD application circuit is in Figure 2. The MIC2290 APD circuit works in two phases. The first phase, or Phase 1, increases the energy stored in the magnetic flux of the inductor (L1). This is accomplished with the internal power Switch (NPNx) turning on and allowing the inductor to experience a constant voltage from the input voltage (VIN) to ground. Phase 1 is illustrated in Figure 3. Upon the second phase, or Phase 2, the energy stored in the

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