Car amplifier TA8205AH application and substitution

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

A Mitsubishi Pajero car audio, fault phenomenon is silent, and the rest feature to work, the search for the amplifier IC TA8205AH damage. TA8205AH Toshiba company produces 22W

Car amplifier TA8205AH application and substitution
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2 dual-channel audio power amplifier integrated circuits, with a 17-pin package. Each channel from the pre-amplification stage and the power amplification stage composed of an internal power amplifier stage connected to BTL form, so the output power, is widely used in such as the Mitsubishi Pajero and CLARION (Clarion), SONY and many other brands of vehicles high-end stereo. TA8205AH low coefficient of thermal resistance, noise, voltage adjustable gain, less distortion, in addition to internal features overload protection, thermal protection, short circuit protection and mute function, but also has a standby function. Its operating voltage range of 9 ~ 18V, the Vcc 13.2V, f 1kHz, RL 4 when, Po 15W 2 (THD 10%); at Vcc 14.4V, f 1kHz, RL 4 when, PO 18W 2 (THD 10%). TA8205AH application circuit as shown in FIG. TA8205AH of O feet, feet are muting control and standby control pin. O feet when the voltage range of 1.0 ~ 2.0V, the mute function is off, when the voltage drops below 1V O foot threshold level, muting circuit. When pin voltage is greater than the threshold voltage of 2.5V, an internal electronic switch circuit is turned on, normal power output circuit, as long as pin voltage is lower than 2.5V, the circuit is in the standby mode and no power output. Without the use of standby function, feet can be connected to the power supply VCC, the amplifier is operating current of only about 1mA. The figure is the input coupling capacitor C1, C2 is the negative feedback preamplifier capacitor capacitance C1, C2 shall be optional depending on usage, in order to obtain the best anti-impact sound effects. C3 To reduce the power fluctuations of the filter capacitor, it decided to open/arrival time constant steady shutdown. Capacitor C4 to the anti-vibration, anti-vibration circuit in series with a resistor, the general temperature characteristics and high-frequency characteristics of a good polyester film capacitors. The power supply filter capacitor C5, C6 for the input capacitance of vibration absorption. The investigation materials, Toshiba produced the same series TA8210AH, TA8215AH, TA8221AH and South Korea produced KIA6210AH, KIA6216H package pin functions are identical, which KIA6210AH TA8205AH same output power, the output power of the remaining several slightly different (TA8210AH to 20W 2, TA8215AH of 18W 2, TA822AH of 30W 2, KIA6216H of 15W 2), can be interchanged. TA8205AL, TA8210AL, TA8215AL, TA8221AL internal circuit exactly the same, but uses a 17-pin single in-line package. The machine is now a normal substitution after TA8210AH work for several months.

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