1.5W Audio Amplifier with IC SSM2211

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The SSM22111 is a high performance audio amplifier that delivers 1 W rms of low distortion audio power into a bridge-connected 8 © speaker load (or 1. 5 W rms into a 4 © load). The SSM2211 operates over a wide temperature range and is specified for single- supply voltages between 2. 7 V and 5. 5 V. When operating from batteries, it continues to ope

1.5W Audio Amplifier with IC SSM2211
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rate down to 1. 75 V. This makes the SSM2211 the best choice for unregulated applications, such as toys and games. Featuring a 4 MHz bandwidth and distortion below 0. 2% THD + N @ 1 W, superior performance is delivered at higher power or lower speaker load impedance than competitive units. Furthermore, when the ambient temperature is at 25 °C, THD + N < 1%, and VS = 5 V on a four-layer PCB, the SSM2211 delivers a 1. 5 W output. The low differential dc output voltage results in negligible losses in the speaker winding and makes high value dc blocking capacitors unnecessary. The battery life is extended by using shutdown mode, which typically reduces quiescent current drain to 100 nA. Here is a Hi-Fi power amplifier circuit, built with a power IC TDA2050. This circuit will produce a power output up to 32watt. With good sound quality, high power and very low distortion feature, this circuit will be very suitable for simple and cheap audio systems. TDA2050 Amplifier Schematic diagram: TDA2050 Amplifier PCB Design: About. The following diagram is the circuit diagram of Class-D audio power amplifier which built based on power chip TDA8929T. About TDA8929T: The power IC TDA8929T is the controller of a two-chip set for a high efficiency class-D audio power amplifier system. The system is divided into two chips: TDA8929T; the analog controller chip inside a. Here the 68W power audio amplifier circuit which built based on single IC...

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