10pin for cx700

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This is a write-up for a 2011 update to the 2008 lanc circuit project, lets call call phase 2. This update allows the use of a cx700v camera to be used in the same underwater video housing. Such a housing is called a generic  housing. A generic housing enjoys a long life (as it is supposed to) as they can be reused for newer cameras continuously

10pin for cx700
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. A generic housing saves money for the owner as he does not have to repurchase the housing for every camera. These digital video cameras have been getting better every year, allowed by my wallet about every 4 years. Phase1 of this project is written up here 1998 ccd-tr930 My first camera, HI8 tape, just threw it in the housing and jumped in, didn`t know anything about holding camera steady or finding good shots. No lights. Lots of video noise at any amount of low light, Attached wide angle lens to camera. Viewfinder was large enough to see most of the image through the rear door window. 2001 trv17 Mini-dv, fully digital picture. Better low light. Attached two Shockwave dive lights (150 lumens each) to the housing arms. This allowed night dives. But lights were not proper floods. Camera had a provision for taking digital pictures and white balance but housing did not offer access to these features. Attached wide angle lens to camera. 2008 hdr-hc9 (PHASE1) Mini-dv HiDef HDV format. (meg2) Much better daylight clarity, better low light, . Attached a heavy wide angle lens to camera. Housing circuit boards were modified by me to assign a button to take still pictures. See phase1. Added small LCD monitor to rear of tray to be visible from rear of housing. 2010 same Housing and camera modified to accept external flash, S2000 was attached, Video lights changed to PROV8LED (400lumens each). Much more light available now. Now we are...

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