144mhz 2m converter

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The reception of 2 metre signals is generally with a converter and short wave receiver, preferably of communications type. The latter will have sensitivity and selectivity better than average. With such an arrangement of equipment, the 144MHz or other VHF signal is changed in frequency so that the converter output falls within the tuning range of

144mhz 2m converter
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the receiver. A converter of this type often has its own RF amplifier, and a relatively low frequency crystal controlled oscillator, followed by frequency multipliers. This allows high sensitivity and excellent frequency stability, but is a relatively complicated and expensive item. Bearing in mind that at this frequency the RF amplifier will not, contribute very much gain, and that tunable VHF oscillators L1 is broadly tuned to the wanted frequency band by T1, and signal input is to gate 1 of TR1. TR2 is the local oscillator, and the operating frequency here is determined by L2 and T2. Oscillator injection is via C3 to gate 2 of TR1. The frequency of the output from the drain of the mixer TR1 is the difference between G1 and G2 frequencies. Thus if the signal at G1 is 144MHz, and TR2 is tuned to oscillate at 116MHz, output will be at 144 minus 116MHz, or 28MHz. Similarly, with the oscillator set at 116MHz, an input at 146MHz to G1 will give an output of 30MHz. Therefore 144-146MHz can be covered by tuning the receiver from 28MHz to 30MHz. L3 is broadly tuned to this band, and L4 couples the signal to the short wave receiver. The oscillator can actually be tuned above or below the aerial circuit frequency of the converter, as it is the difference between converter signal input and oscillator frequencies which determines the converter output frequency. It is also possible to choose other reception and output frequencies,...

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