150W MP3 Car Amplifier

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

A diagram of an active loudspeaker. The LF353 of, National Semiconductor, is going to split audio signal into three bands. SANYO LA47536 is going to amplify these signals. In stereo mode, we shall have the action of eight high speakers who are going to create a very important sound pressure. LF353 Wide Bandwidth Dual JFET Input Operational

150W MP3 Car Amplifier
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Amplifier General Description These devices are low cost, high speed, dual JFET input operational amplifiers with an internally trimmed input offset voltage (BI-FET II technology). They require low supply current yet maintain a large gain band width product and fast slew rate. In addition, well matched high voltage JFET input devices provide very low input bias and offset currents. The LF353 is pin compatible with the standard LM1558 allowing designers to immediately upgrade e the overall performance of existing LM1558 and LM358 designs. These amplifiers may be used in applications such as high speed integrators, fast D/A converters, sample and hold circuits and many other circuits requiring low input offset voltage, low input bias current, high input impedance, high slew rate and wide bandwidth. The devices also exhibit low noise and offset voltage drift. (National Semiconductor) Internally trimmed offset voltage: 10 mV Low input bias current: 50pA Low input noise voltage: 25 nV Low input noise current: 0. 01 pA Wide gain bandwidth: 4 MHz High slew rate: 13 V/us Low supply current: 3. 6 m High input impedance: 1012. Low total harmonic distortion : < 0. 02% Low 1/f noise corner: 50 Hz Fast settling time to 0. 01%: 2 us When the amplifier is installed behind in the suitcase, we shall need a switch works stop. The LA47536 possesses a function stand by in it pin4. This pine require a small tension superior to 2V in start up...

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