230 V 50Hz AC (or 110V 60Hz) Main Operated LED Powerful NIGHT LAMPCircuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

If you have plane to use this Circuit on 110V 60Hz instead of 230V, 50Hz, or want to modify this circuit, Then See the Section ` Common Question about this Circuit` below the `instruction`. Also Note that here is two circuit diagrams, so the first one is recommended. the second one (as i tried) is for experimental purpose only, so don`t trythe second one at home.

230 V 50Hz AC (or 110V 60Hz) Main Operated LED Powerful NIGHT LAMPCircuit
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

i will be not liable for any Damage/Loss(es). Please be careful because your safety is better than everything. If Your plane is to use this circuit with 110V 60Hz AC main Supply then change CI to 0. 68 F (684 / 250Volts) polyester capacitor. Reduce the value of R1 to 220 © 1/2 watt. Ensure that you use 3. 2 volt 25mA Bright LED`s

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