Ultrasonic Sensor Circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Ultrasonic sensor circuit is a sensor that consists of transmitter and receiver. This circuit is useful for remote control. The frequency of sound produced by a series of Ultrasonic Sensor is above 20 KHz which is between 40 KHz 50 KHz. Used power supply voltage is 9 V battery cans so use with a voltage of 9 V. How it works is a series of ultr

Ultrasonic Sensor Circuit
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asonic sensors in the circuit if the switch is pressed then the transmitter will from send signals received by the receiver circuit. Ultrasound acoustic wave having a frequency of 20 kHz to about 20 MHz. The Following is a schematic drawing: where s is the distance in units of meters, v is the speed of sound is 344 m / s and t is the travel time in seconds. While most obstacles ultrasound waves are reflected partly absorbed and some other people will be continued. Ultrasonic sensor is a sensor that changes the physical quantities (sound) to the amount of electricity. In this case an ultrasonic wave sensor generated through an agency called piezoelectric. This will produce piezoelectric ultrasonic waves with a frequency of 40 kHz when an oscillator is applied to the object. Ultrasonic sensors typically used for a disclosure does not touch such a variety of measurement applications. This tool is generally emit ultrasonic sound waves toward the target that reflects the waves back toward the sensor. The system measures the time required for the transmission of waves to go back and calculate the distance to the target sensor by using the speed of sound in the medium. Compiler series ultrasonic sensor consists of transmitter, receiver, and comparator. In addition, ultrasonic waves generated by a thin piezoelectric crystals. Direct piezoelectric equipment change electrical energy into mechanical energy. Input voltage causes a...

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