3GPP FDD User Equipment Receiver Test

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

3GPPFDD_UE_RX is the test bench for 3GPP FDD user equipment receiver testing. The test bench provides a way for users to connect to an RF circuit device under test and determine its performance using pre-defined test bench measurements. This test bench provides signal measurements for reference sensitivity level, maximum input level, adjacent chan

3GPP FDD User Equipment Receiver Test
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nel selectivity, and blocking and intermodulation characteristics. The signal and the measurements are designed according to 3GPP Technical Specifications TS 25. 101 and TS 34. 121. Versions supported are 2000-03, 2000-12, and 2002-03. This 3GPP FDD signal model is compatible with Agilent E4438C ESG Vector Signal Generator, Option 400 (3GPP W-CDMA Firmware Option for the E4438C ESG Vector Signal Generator). Details regarding Agilent E4438C ESG are included at the website. This test bench includes a TX DSP section, an RF modulator, RF output source resistance, an RF DUT connection, RF receivers, and DSP measurement blocks as illustrated in the following figure. The generated test signal is sent to the DUT. The 3GPPFDD_UE_RX test bench uses the downlink 12. 2kbps reference measurement channel. One 12. 2kbps DTCH (dedicated transport channel) and one 2. 4kbps DCCH (dedicated control channel) are multiplexed into one 60kbps DPCH (dedicated physical data channel). The signal source includes one DPCH, one PCCPCH (primary common control physical channel), one PSCH (primary synchronization channel), one SSCH (secondary synchronization channel), one CPICH (common pilot channel), and one PICH (page indication channel). For the maximum input level measurement, the OCNS interference is set to the power necessary to achieve the required DPCH_Ec/I or of -19dB. The gain of the other channels remain the same. An example design using this...

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