50mW BH1417 Stereo PLL FM Transmitter

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This is an excellent Hi-Fi Stereo PLL FM Transmitter, the audio source can be the computer, sound card, game consoles, CD, DVD, MP3, stereo mixer for stereo audio signal modulated emission transmission, the board also contains two mic amplifier, with the common receiver can achieve high-fidelity FM stereo radio FM stereo transmission. Suitable for

50mW BH1417 Stereo PLL FM Transmitter
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the production of stereo wireless speakers, wireless microphone, wireless headphones, CD, MP3, DVD, PAD, notebook computer and other wireless audio adapter development and production. ROHM`s new Japan has BH1417 is one of the most simple and practical integrated circuits, which combines phase-locked loop circuit, stereo encoder circuit, transmitter circuit, as well as other additions. Pre-emphasis circuit, limiter circuit and low pass filter can significantly improve the sound quality. The total harmonic distortion up 0. 3%, stereo separation to 40dB, RF output level is 100dB. BH1417F is an excellent new IC chip, this circuit improves signal to noise ratio (S / N) of pre-emphasis circuit to prevent signal over emphasized limiting circuit, the control input signal frequency low-pass filter circuit (LPF), generate stereo stereo composite signal modulation circuit, FM transmitter phase-locked loop circuit (PLL) component. BH1417F excellent frequency characteristics, it can achieve 40dB of isolation, transmitted sound quality is similar to local FM radio stations. External power is filtered by 78L05 5V DC regulated output for BH1417 chip. DIP switches M1, M2 turn on dual microphone amplifier, microphone MIC1 the sound signals into electrical signals by the C3 sent by the V1, R6, R7 microphone amplifier circuit composed of enlarged RP1 adjust the volume by the C5 to C6 into BH1417 later by the left channel signal input. DIP...

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