6.9 GigaHertz Chrono PC-based

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Chrono or Chronograph, the term used by Airsofter and Paintball players to refer to the device that measures the muzzle velocity of firearms. This is also called MVMD, short for Muzzle Velocity Measuring Device by the British Army. Muzzle Velocity is the velocity of the bullet as it exits the barrel of the firearm. A year ago I was an active Airso

6.9 GigaHertz Chrono PC-based
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fter in Iligan who`s more interested in modifying and improvising AEGs (Automatic Electric Gun) rather than playing airsoft. I have made my AEG susceptible to high current burns by using locally available MOSFETs. I have improved velocity by replacing cylinder gaskets and spring. I have increased the rounds per minute by altering the armature windings of the drive motor. And most of all, I have made my own cheap alternative PC-based Chrono. I have posted an artivle before that details the development of my chrono but unfortunately the online forum was hacked/deleted by webmaster of proboards. com due to some violation in the contents. So, I`m re-posting it here now. . thinking. (dont know how to start). Okay, the idea started when I read about Jim`s Homemade Chrono on the internet plus the desire to know how my AEG is doing in terms of muzzle velocity. Measuring the velocity is elementary physics. We measure velocity in terms of time and we measure time in terms of velocity. Think. think. think. Maybe this is the reason they call this device chrono (latin for Time). The chrono i made was PC-based, meaning it requires a Personal Computer to work. It cost me about only 2. 00$ for the components. Its basically a LPT port (Printer port) device which makes use of 2 infrared photo transistors and 2 infrared LED as bullet sensors, and a junk umbrella. What this device does is measure the amount of time it takes for the bullet to...

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