A complete Inverter project

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This is one complete inverter project which features automatic mains switching, automatic charging when mains is present, and automatically starts inverter when mains is off. Sir, I want to build solar inverter for driving A. C. load of 200watt for 5 hours. Also I want to charge battery by solar as well as A. c. 230 volts But preference to solar. S

A complete Inverter project
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

ince in Maharashtra now tariff rate is very high. Also load shading problems. Thank for this useful info. I dont know much about electr that is why i need a clear picture on how the component/parts are fixed to the board. You can help me send it to my email- victory4m@yahoo. com. Thank you For my inverter transformer-primary(723turns) and sec(36). And i have 12v 70ah for the inverter. What is my transformer amps rating. If is not suitable what should i do use this relay for autmation & note that the relay(shown in linked relay circuit) pin no:1 & 9 connect with circuit relay pin 11 & 21 respectivly, and relay pin no: 6 & 10 with circuit relay pin no:14 & 22, here is link which aded . that is also in your mind that when you start design inverter, for this purpose you have need re wounded tranformer, bcoz the tranformer which is available at shops can not provide require voltage when you supplied it by battery . so you have use your own rewounded tranformer for good voltage regulation on Load . Don`t post your email or phone number in the comment box. Only put email address in the email field. Comments are moderated so it may take time for them to appear on the site. Offensive comments will be deleted. If this is a request for custom circuit, then use the wish a circuit form. I have some questions for you though, I have a Cyberpower inverter CPS 1200EI with LCD display and Exide Battery NS 200 after 7 months of working...

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