Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Made of SS0001 human pyroelectric voice alarm circuit diagram as shown: Pyroelectric infrared language warning device described in this article can be used to prevent electric shock or theft, after a little modification can also be used for automatic light switches. Due to the integrated circuit-based, only a small number of external components, it is easy to install,

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reliable, almost without debugging, as long as the assembly is correct, will be able to work properly. (View) Infrared alarm switch using the most popular PIR human pyroelectric sensor for signal detector, high sensitivity, detection range up to 10 meters above its depression angles up to 86 °, horizontal viewing angle up to 120 °. It is only due to the release of the body, the specific wavelengths of infrared light sensitive, and thus erroneous operation minimal. When someone with 0. 3 ~ 3Hz frequency activity, PIR sensor can be induced in weak signal in the detection area by U1-1, U1-2 levels amplified from U1 (7) output of 0. 5 to 5. 5 feet V strong signal. D4, D5, R12 ~ R15 and U1-3 consisting of dual-threshold comparator, because the signal voltage induced PIR can be positive or negative, so U1 (7) pin output voltage can be positive or negative (in terms of the center voltage of 3V ). When the output voltage reaches 4. 1V or more, through D4 applied to U1 (10) pin voltage is higher than (9) pin voltage (3. 3V), so U1 (8) pin output high potential; And when U1 (7 ) when the pin output is below potential 2V, then U1 (voltage 9) pin will drop to 2. 7V or less through D2, U1 (8) feet high potential output. Usually when there is no signal, because U1 (9) feet above the potential 3. 3V (10) feet (2. 7V), so (8) feet no output. When the PIR signal is received (8) feet on certain high potential output through D6, R17 to C9...

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