Active Voltage Doubler

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The following diagram is the schematic diagram of Active Tone Control circuit, or we often call thic circuit as `ACTOR` Active Tone Control or ACTOR is a electronic audio circuit that serves to increase the Loudness (Bass and Treble audio signal) is active because it uses the Baxandall system. This circuit does not use a. This is an active antenn

Active Voltage Doubler
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a for FM radio receiver, AM radio receiver and SW (shortwave) radio receiver. On the shortwave band this active antenna is comparable to a 20 to 30 foot wire antenna. This circuit is designed to be used on receivers that use untuned wire antennas, such as inexpensive units and car radios. . Here the circuit diagram of electronic siren based NE555. This circuit produces a sound like factory siren. It applies a 555 timer IC which is utilized as an astable multivibrator of a center frequency of about 300Hz. The frequency is controlled by the pin 5 of the IC. When the power supply is switched ON, . The following circuit is a simple fire alarm circuit based NE555 timer and use thermistor as a temperature detector. This sensor will activate the transistor when the temperature is in high value. The thermistor will have a low resistance at high temperature, while at low temperature, the transistor resistance is high. This characteristic of thermitor. Positive voltage regulator circuit with PNP Boost transistor The IC8211 presents the voltage reference and regulator amplifier, while Q1 will be the series pass transistor. R1 defines the output current of the IC8211, while C1 and C2 present loop stability and as well act to suppress feedthrough of input transients to the output supply. R2. This is an adjustable power supply which have adjustabled output voltage from 6-12 DC volt. Component Parts List: T1 = 115[220]/8 VAC transformer....

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