Drinking driver detection circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Car drivers, motorcyclists despite prohibit drinking and driving, but also have occurred, in this case the circuit can be detected the odor of alcohol when. Issued a do not dri

Drinking driver detection circuit
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nk and drive the voice prompts sound immediately. When not detected the odor of alcohol, I wish you a safe journey home, the voice is raised. To warn drivers not to drink and drive, with a reminder. (1) to Tuen Mun Road and the principle of the circuit components shown in FIG 6H44. QM-NJ9 circuit is alcohol sensor. QM-NJ9 exposed to alcohol after the ignorant, the resistance value of A, B between the reduction potential of the point B rises, the more concentrated alcohol, the higher the B point potential. This signal voltage by a sensitivity adjustment potentiometer RP, sliding arm removed and added to the LM358 dual voltage comparator, feet, and the comparator, pin voltage reference by the crown, R sub- pressure decision that, feet the potential of the product is fixed at V-Vcc/(R3 + R4) a 1.47V. The two LM358 comparator input is connected to the anti- pick. According to the voltage comparator principle known: If, pin signal voltage is less than 1. 47V voltage, feet set, the comparator O pin output low, LED2 off, off. While the lower comparator output high Royal basis. LED3 (green) positive bias, light, and touch the hair of voice circuits TP-1106K Wei Ying foot end, the speaker issued a Y I wish you a safe journey home, said the driver to be wine. If, pin signal voltage is higher than 1. 47V, the next comparator pin output low, LED3 off, off. The comparator O pin output high, LEDZ (red) light, and trigger TI - 1106K feet TGl the end, the speaker BL issued a do not drink and drive, the warning that the drivers alcohol consumption exceeds the standard, should be mandatory stop driving. Island is QM-I.U9 filament FF current limiting resistor, both ends of the filament heating voltage stability (5 persons o- z) v, it will ensure that alcohol sensor with high sensitivity and stability work. Because alcohol sensors before work need to preheat 5-lOmin. Wait until the stability can be detected, and any time there is a two comparator output high, in order to prevent false triggering language tone circuit, so set up a manual switch S2. Just then detected at S2, immediately you can let go. VD1, VD2 buck diode tube. TP-1106K in order to ensure the right fit supply voltage (2.5 ~ 4.5V). Timing components hurricane, C adjustable voice circuits operating frequency, thus changing the sound tone.

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