Amp RC

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This stage may be driven by another resistance coupled amplifier stage in which case the resistor on the left labeled RC is RCf for the previous stage. The resistor on the right labeled RCf is the grid resistor of the next or following stage. The resistor labeled RC serves one purpose; that is to hold the grid at, or very near, ground potential. T

Amp RC
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he cathode resistor Rk develops the negative voltage for the grid. A note about ground. The concept of ground is a result of human thinking and has nothing to do with the operation of the circuit. The tube doesn`t know from ground it just does what it does. We humans can arbitrarily move the ground and the circuit won`t care or even know. Electrons are flowing from the bottom end of the cathode resistor upwards. When they get inside the tube they are emitted from the cathode and flow to the plate where they are absorbed. They emerge from the tube and continue flowing upwards through the plate resistor and eventually reach the power supply where they are returned to the bottom line of the circuit. The upper end of each resistor is at a higher voltage than the lower end. It is also true to say that the lower end of each resistor is at a lower voltage than the upper end. Think of voltage or electrical potential as altitude. Up is up and down is down. Ground is sea level. Now in altitude we can`t move sea level but we can decide where we want to measure altitude from. Let`s say your front yard is 600 feet above sea level. The top of a bush has an altitude of 605 feet and the top of a tall tree has an altitude of 670 feet. You could give the same information by taking the front yard as zero altitude and the top of the bush would be at 5 feet and the top of the tree at 70 feet. And further more you could take the top of the bush...

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