Arduino TV weather channel

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

So far the idea has been to show you how the Arduino Uno board and its Atmel ATMEGA328P microcontroller can interact fairly simply with the outside world. This time we`re simplifying the electronics but ratcheting up the demands on the microcontroller by aiming to hook up our Arduino Uno to the most complicated display output option available: tel

Arduino TV weather channel
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evision. Composite video is the least loved video connection system by video purists because it delivers the worst quality (actually RF-modulated video is worse but that`s another story). Although composite video uses just a two-wire system it`s actually surprisingly complex because it has to incorporate not only the vision data but also the synchronisation information all on the one video signal. The vision data is the analogue representation line by line of what you see on the screen while the synchronisation pulses tell the display device where on the screen to display that data. Because we have limited processing power our Arduino can`t produce colour and it only has a low 120 x 96-pixel resolution. However that`s still enough to produce text and graphics and we`re going to make use of that in this project. If you go back far enough you`ll remember home computers like the Commodore 64 the Tandy TRS-80 and others all of which had processors barely pushing 1MHz but offered colour composite video output you could connect to almost any TV screen. Those computers used considerably more electronics to create the composite video signal. We`re going to do to it with just two resistors. The two resistors connect directly to two pins on the Arduino board pin 9 produces the sync pulses while the video is output via pin 7. Again like last month we`re standing on the shoulders of giants and using an Arduino library Arduino-TVout to...

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