Automatic UPS system wiring circuit diagram (New Design Very simple) for Home or Office

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This wiring circuit diagram is design for when you want to give supply to particular rooms in the home or office in the building in case of failing the power supply. And you want to supply power continuously to the laptop, computer etc in that specific rooms or office in case of low wattage UPS or single battery or in case of when generator system

Automatic UPS system wiring circuit diagram (New Design Very simple) for Home or Office
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

is not available. . First of all, remove those Live (Phase) wires from the main distribution board (from the circuit breaker) of those particular Rooms (As shown in Fig) which you want to give automatic supply (in both cases from Battery and Power House without any interrupt or disturbance). Suppose I want to connect only these two rooms with this system as shown in fig. Then connect these two live (phase) wires at the end as shown in fig. Now do the same wiring (Connect UPS, Battery, Home appliances etc) as shown in fig. Done Then power flow will continue to those particular rooms or office at this way from Power supply (Not from Battery, because when power supply available, then battery will start to charge through UPS.

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