Bipolar Tesla Coil Radiant Energy Collector

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Tesla radiant energy collectors and the means of creating those apparatus. I have been working on some radiant energy designs myself, having tried the standard rectification bridge for antenna and ground, to using a greinacher voltage quadrupler rectifier, and experimenting with all the different kinds of antenna, as well as adding inductors and capacitors in various locations

Bipolar Tesla Coil Radiant Energy Collector
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in my circuits. I read that one simple way to make a tesla radiant energy collector is to simply use a tesla coil with loose coupling leading to a collector circuit!Thus, my new experiment has taken to fruit, and I am proud to announce I have modified this basic building block of radiant energy transmit and capture to bring you: The bipolar tesla radiant energy capture circuit! It is a bipolar tesla coil with a graphite sparkgap bringing both the ground and top load of the standard tesla coil together. The radiant energy circuit is loosely coupled to a bipolar tesla coil secondary! This current design I am going to show you is a mock up and collaboration of various experiments I have preformed at home. I figured that I should share the current circuit design to anybody who might be interested. It utilizes both a villard quadrupler full-wave cascade and a greinacher voltage quadrupler all tied together in parallel and sharing a common ground. The top two inductors in the picture are bifilar spirals, and the bottom inductor is a regular air core inductor with loose coupling to condensers and then fed into a step up transformer for utilization by the radiant energy collector circuit. There is definitely work to be done here, such as a pickup coil on the secondary to help with self oscillation and a virtual ground to make the device more useful when a true ground is unavailable. Utilizing a joule thief with JFET switching and...

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