BlueTooth Ericofon

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Wouldn`t be cool sitting at your favorite coffee shop with this phone on the table, and while chatting with your friends the Ericofon rings and it is a call for you Or picking it up, hearing a dial tone, cranking up the rotary dial and dialing home to say that you will be soon in your way Well, this is what this is about. This is an open source

BlueTooth Ericofon
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project on how to retrofit an extraordinary phone to make it a special, functional piece of conversation. Literally. The idea started when several months ago when I read about the Port-o-Rotary phone. The cool guys from SparkFun converted an ordinary rotary dial telephone into a telephone that can make cellular phone calls. My plan is to come up with a retrofit kit (open source) for a cool phone that is easy to carry, and adding some nice features to the original idea. And what better to show off the project than an Ericofon. After doing some research on the internet about where to get an Ericofon, I found this amazing site. I contacted the owner, Richard Rose and told him about what I was planning to do. He promptly sent me a very nice email explaining how tight it is in there and how quickly I will run into space problems. He also said:"You`re not the first to think of this, although I`ve never heard of anyone actually going through with the idea. I`ve been inside these phones for a while and I don`t see being able to maintain rotary dialing with the design you have in mind. "I emailed him back: "You just dared my inner engineer and geek! Game on!" Certainly, there are many places where you can get Ericofons, specially eBay. However, if you really want to get an excellent phone, probably NOS (new old stock), try first Richard`s website. His website has an amazing collection of these and other sort of classic telephones....

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