Boot Cloner

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The boot-cloner is a program compiled and burnt with the Arduino IDE, that copies part of it`s flash memory onto another microcontroller. The bootloader can be written to a new microcontroller by the Arduino, instead of burning the bootloader onto new ATmega8`s with a separate device. If you`re like me, then you need more than one microcontroller,

Boot Cloner
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so you can put the IC into a circuit and leave it there permanently. Unfortunately, burning multiple bootloaders can be a very involved, time consuming process. The cloner will help you get dozens of new ATmega8`s ready to use, in seconds. The program gives you access to an implementation of the ISP protocol and declaring and using tables stored in program flash, which don`t occupy ram. You need a functioning Arduino that you can already write programs to. If you don`t have at least one ATmega8 with a bootloader on it, you`ll need to burn it using a separate device, like the parallel port burner. three leds and current limiting resistors appropriate for the voltage of the device. If you`re working from the Arduino, you`ve got 5V which means 220 Ohm resistors for 20mA. If you build a 2. 4V battery powered device, use lower resistors to get 20mA. (Voltage divided by current tells you resistance, so 2. 4/. 02=12 Ohms, 10 approx) two ceramic disc capacitors of 10pF (with no polarity) and a 2 to 16MHz crystal oscillator for the target microcontroller. Don`t use less than 1MHz; the speed of this crystal determines the maximum rate you can issue commands and send data to the target IC, with ISP. 16MHz was convenient for me, but use whatever you`ve got on hand. Make sure you have the notch on the target ATmega8 facing up. I can`t tell you how many times I`ve accidentally tried wiring the microcontroller upside-down. The good news...

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