Bunch connect the compensating type UPS cascade converter in parallel to study

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The requirements for electric energy quality of modern industrial development are higher and higher, how to offer the safe and reliable green power to energy consumer is a focus of area research of the power at present. UPS, as a kind of incessant power supply equipment, it is one of the important measures which improves electric energy quality, a

Bunch connect the compensating type UPS cascade converter in parallel to study
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lso the important insurance that the key equipment must use normal operation. At present there are reserve type, online, and dual converter bunches several kinds of types of connecting in parallel compensating typely etc. that three ports are online and interdynamic type in the structure of U PS. Dual converter bunch connect in parallel compensating typely and can already be compensated not to be wattless current and harmonic current in the linear loads among them, can also compensate harmonic wave and fundamental wave deflection of the mains voltage at the same time, have synthetic electric energy quality modulability, it is a new kind of UPS appearing recently. There is this kind of material object products in the foreign A PC Company at present, China is in theoretical research state. This text has introduced one pair of converters bunch connect the compensating type operating principle in parallel, discuss the compensating type U PS cascade converter control method of the multiple-series connection on this basis, and through artificial operating characteristic of verification system, result indicate exactness of control strategy withdrawn, compensating type UPS cascade converter parts of multiple-series connection studied can guarantee all the time the total distortion rate of input current of the electric wire netting invites 3, input the system performance that the power factor approaches 1, has verified it improves...

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