By single-phase active power factor correction (APFC) Make up three-phase APF

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Tape isolate single-phase PFC that DC/ DC vary make up, make up two cable, PFC of three-phase, that single-phase PFC make up in parallel directly in Ausgang by three single-phase PFC in parallel respectively by three The road is formed by matrix type DC/ DC converter Power factor correction Power Factor CorrecTIon, is abbreviated as PFC Technology,

By single-phase active power factor correction (APFC) Make up three-phase APF
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especially active power factor correction Active Power FactorCorrection, is abbreviated as APFC Technology can valid the intersection of inhibition and harmonic wave, single-phase APFC riper in technical research, has had many commercialized specialized control chips already, such as UC3854, IRll 50, LTl508, ML4819. Compared with single-phase power factor correction fairing attachment, three phases PFC fairing attachment have a lot of advantages: 1The input power is high, the rated value of power is reachable several kilowatts the above; 2The single-phase PFC fairing attachment input power is that one is twice as much as quantity that mains frequency changes, but in the three-phase balancing device, the partial summation is zero that the three-phase input power pulses, the input power is a steady state value, the pulsation cycle of three phases PFC fairing attachment output power is only single-phase full wave rect. 1/3, the ripple factor is low, so can use the minor output capacitance of the capacity, thus can realize the dynamical response of more quick output voltage. Become the focal point that numerous scholars are studying, but actually existing and certain difficulty in three-phase APFC technology, and not seen the mature specialized control chip yet. If can exactly formate single-phase APFC circuit simply a piece of three phases APFC circuit, can fully utilize the mature single-phase control chip, produce three...

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