Camera Head (A2075) Manual

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The Camera Head (A2075) is a LWDAQ Device that controls and reads out a single ICX424 image sensor. The circuit provides a socket into which we can solder the sixteen-pin sensor directly. It provides a twelve-way flex socket to which an auxiliary board holding the sensor can be connected. Connect only one sensor at a time. Figure: Camera Head (A20

Camera Head (A2075) Manual
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75B) with Cover Removed. An ICX424AL monochrome image sensor is on the right side, beneath a DSL821 lens. The layout of the circuit is spacious, and provides both a footprint for an image sensor and a connector for an external image sensor. The square chip near the center is the programmable logic. For a photograph of an ICX424AL sensor see here. Below is an image we obtained with an ICX424AL monochrome image sensor and our A2075A prototype circuit board. Figure: Fish-Eye View. This image taken with a DSL216A fish-eye lens, ICX424AL monochrome image sensor, and exposure time is 20 ms. The image is not intensified. It consists of 520 rows and 700 columns. In the example image, the over-head lights saturate the image pixels. Even if we divide the exposure time by a factor of a hundred, they still saturate the image pixels. And yet we see hardly any spread of this saturating charge into neighboring pixels. (The spread is called blooming, and the ICX424 provides automatic anti-blooming. ) When we block light to the sensor, the noise we see in the image is around 0. 2 counts, which is what we expect from quantization (1/ 12). With a 1-s exposure in the dark, we see no more than a few counts increase in the background intensity, which suggests we can expose with the ICX424 for many seconds at room temperature. Figure: Fish-Eye View, Quadruple-Pixels. We combine blocks of four pixels with vertical and horizontal binning. The image...

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