Cipher scheme on the basis of the ultrasonic ranger of AT89C52

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The technology of range finding employs extensively in civil, industrial fields such as measuring, medical flaw detection, car anticollision of position of the material, etc. , because the ultrasonic speed wants to the velocity of light it is much smaller, its flight time is easier to measure, and easy directional transmission, directivity is good,

Cipher scheme on the basis of the ultrasonic ranger of AT89C52
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the emission intensity is easy to control, and is free of electromagnetic disturbance, therefore utilize ultrasonic range finding to be a valid non-contact type range finding method. But the propagation velocity under different ambient temperature of supersonic wave is different, such as neglecting temperature effect, will influence final survey accuracy. The ultrasonic ranger that this text introduces adopts the detecting method of transition time, has used DS1 8B20 temperature sensor to gauge on-the-spot temperature, and calculate and realize the temperature compensation of the wave speed through the software and dispel the impact on measuring result of the temperature, make the error in emasurement reduce. 4 factors that the measurable distance of maximum of limiting this system exists: Ultrasonic range, reflected texture, reflecting and incidenting the degree of sensitivity of included angle and echo microphone among the acoustic wave. The echo microphone determines the minimum measurable distance about the pulsing direct receiving capability of the acoustic wave. It is metric coverage for increasing, be lasted error in emasurement, it can if you can`t adopt, launch supersonic waves multi-channel separately a plurality of ultrasonic transducer /design method that be received. It is an acoustic wave range because of supersonic wave, its wave speed c is temperature-dependent, through measuring the relation of obtaining...

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