Digital Frequency Display

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The back to back diodes are there because some radios present high voltage transients when switching bands which will lock up the DFD requiring it to be turned off and back on to unlock. If power for the backlit display is to be taken from Vdc when AC is supplied to Vac then the capacitor from Vdc to gnd should be increased to about 100ufd to 250u

Digital Frequency Display
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fd depending on current supplied to backlit. Piero used a DFD with the IC-202S two meter rig. It triples a 15MHz VXO to 45 MHz and then triples it again to 145MHz. Piero took the signal after the first tripler and set DFD to multiply by 3. The signal was taken from the junction of R25, R26 and C39 through a 100pf capacitor and about 12" of RG174U. I purchased your DFD and it works great. Although to get it to work with my Kenwood TS-820. I had to add an amp to the front end to beef up the VCO signal from my radio. I thought you would like to know that I used a Signetics NE5205 wide band 20db amp. I used two 1000pf caps, one on the input and one on the output. Also a. 01 bypass cap. I taped into the 5volts on your board and I was in business! I did a bench test and the DFD will convert a 50mvp-p signal up to 47Mhz. Which is well above where my radio VCO tops out at. I thought you would like this info and find it useful, if you didn`t already know about this chip. Thanks for bringing my radio up to modern standards. You can also use an NE5204. These devices have a 50 ohm input impedence. An emitter or source follower can be added to the input to increase the input impedence. Direct conversion units are simple. Connect to the LO (VFO) output and adjust the IF offset to zero. The NE/SE602 is a popular device in such units. The counter should be connected to pin 7 (the emitter of the oscillator transistor) Single conversion...

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