Circuit schematicof 1.25G optical transceivers SSFF315l

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Previously, an article was posted on how to connect to the Raspberry PI board from a Linux PC using the serial port. We now look at how to do the same thing using a Windows PC. In this article, a Windows 8 PC is connected to the Raspberry PI through a USB to RS-232 adapter and Raspberry PI RS-232 board. The open-source terminal emulator softwar

Circuit schematicof 1.25G optical transceivers SSFF315l
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

e Tera Term is then used to connect to the PC`s RS-232 serial port. Once Tera Term is connected to the serial port and the serial port plugged into the Raspberry PI, when the Raspberry PI is powered up, the boot-up messages will be seen in Tera Term. After booting, the Raspberry PI can be logged into by typing in Tera Term ” no keyboard or screen needs to be plugged into the Raspberry PI. The only thing plugged into the RPI is the serial adapter and power cable.

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